Nut Free Strawberry Milkshake Protein Balls - Nutritional Information

Nut Free Strawberry milkshake - Contains Gluten
Nutritional Information Serving size:50g Serving per pack: 4 Per 100g Ingredients
Energy 511kj 1023kj Planted based strawberry protein powder
Calories 94cal 189cl Oats
Protein 7g 14g Dates
Total Fats 5.8g 11g Oragnic Maple Syrup
Carbs 10g 20g Coconut
Sugars 7mg 14mg  
Sodium  49.4mg 98.8mg  
Calcium 4.8mg 9.75mg  
Potassium 7.3mg 14.7mg  
Dietary Fibre 1.22mg 2.44mg  


Packaging is  Compostable
Nut Free  Contains Gluten - can be made gluten free
All protein Balls   Vegan and made from all organic ingredients

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